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About Me

Looking to take your real estate business to the next level? Meet John Demitri, an experienced and analytical real estate coach with decades of business experience.

As a detailed-oriented individual, John finds trends and opportunities in metrics that most others miss, which has been his secret sauce for success. He has a passion for learning and is always in pursuit of discovering what makes us, as humans, tick. John is a voracious reader and an avid student of what makes a business profitable, investment strategies, and personal development. You may even catch him getting sucked into an hour or so session on YouTube, looking to learn more.

Over the years, John has earned many titles, including Investor, Realtor, Web Developer, Software Engineer, Father, Friend, Husband, Entrepreneur, Owner, Leader, Coach, Teacher, and Christian.

John's mission as a real estate coach is to empower realtors to achieve their goals and reach new heights. Whether you're just starting out or you're looking to take your business to the next level, John's coaching can help you get there. With John's experience, knowledge, and passion for real estate, you can be sure that you'll receive personalized coaching that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.




I worked for two brokers before joining LoKation Real Estate and I was extremely frustrated. I was given no support, no guidance, and no leads even though I was promised. I joined The Demitiri Team last year and all of that suddenly changed. My CRM was quickly filled with warm leads and I was given all the help and support that I needed. Demitri always answers his phone and answers all of my questions. I have been consistently closing deals and my pipeline stays full. I am proud to be on The Demitiri Team and I appreciate all of the leads and support he has given me.



Demitri has been an amazing mentor, partner and friend!! I’ve learned so much in the past few months from him and the support he had provided as well as the mentorship has been unbelievable!



As a new agent I was lost as to where to start. Since joining The Demitri Team I have a clear plan for success.

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